He set a precedent.

This hut is a very special place.

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That belonged to me.


Meeks is a stranger here.

Yes, thanks. Recently I've been roughing it so I was able to get a proper sleep for the first time in a while.

She went to Paris to see her aunt.


Carter is decorating his room.

How long do you think we'll have to wait?

Antonio put the phone down.

I worked in a post office during the summer vacation.

Before meeting him, Pizzaro hid many of his men and guns near the town.

Their romance was the talk of the town.

You weren't disappointed.

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I broke the vase on purpose.

Will you show me the book?

I invited Drew to go to a movie with me.

Leif has brown eyes.

It feels like it will rain in the afternoon.

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You had us worried.


Romeo and Juliet is on at the theater.


Dan didn't even try to contact Linda.


I didn't do everything they told me to do.

It had nothing to do with that.

Birds are trapped by a lot of villagers.

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Help me and I'll help Spencer.

I tried to get them to come.

Mitch was simply doing his job.

Emma is wise beyond his years.

Do you think you know me?

The rumor spread throughout the country.

The runner has firm muscles.

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Nobody can foresee what will happen.

There is a good market for these articles.

This means nothing to me.


Because I was scared.

She burst into tears to hear the news.

It's not me who makes the rules.

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I may be away for a couple of days.

How do you think Hohn is doing?

Being told an idiot is much worse than being called dumb.

In Soviet Russia, sentence writes you!

Leora was on television last week.


Dan spent his last day at work listening to techno music.

Pedestrians carry a high risk in traffic.

I'll meet you at the ball park.

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I figured you'd enjoy this movie.


I hate it when people tell me what to do.

They were fainting.

Well, here we are at last.

This is not the first time this has happened.

Raja intended to keep the stolen money for himself.

Let's do that instead.

Do not threaten me.


I'm glad you weren't hurt.

The pigeon has flown the coop.

What exactly did you do to Lord?


This isn't a social call.

Vilhelm was standing behind Jean-Christophe.

She is familiar with Japanese history.

Neil has been here ever since.

I think Penny should talk to Joel.


Is that even possible?

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China is facing a problem with exploding watermelons.

Don't mess up my system.

Suzan still can't afford it.

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Nadeem arrived a day sooner than we expected.

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I'd like to talk about Tarmi.


You said almost all of your friends were Canadians.

Everyone likes big pizzas.

Jeannette's hands are tied behind his back.

Dan told Linda not to blame herself.

That's really good news.

Susanne isn't back from Boston yet.

I couldn't wait any longer.


She was aching to go to the party.


They can't start without me.


We didn't even get that far.

Fold A-7 in half and stick it together.

I was as surprised as you were.


How much do these glasses cost?

Guido must be very lucky.

Spike said goodbye to Kristi at the door.

Mara peeked into the box to see what was in it.

This is my union.

Kamel sold me his old car.

That's why I'm happy.


Marek is neither rich nor famous.

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I thought we had a deal.


Not all of us can speak English.


We tried to cheer Rand up.

Are you telling me what to do?

When was the last time you talked to Harold?


Consult the dealer or an experienced radio or television technician for help.

The colloquial sentences added to Tatoeba seem to be of great help to immigrants who are trying to understand why language lessons teach an entirely different language than the one that people actually speak.

Lord has already finished the work that he needed to do.

Remember that you will die.

Novo doesn't seem interested.

Was I supposed to just ignore it?

She told everyone.

He stared a hole through her.

I never want to feel like this again.


Now it's the real thing.


Better to quarrel with your knee than to quarrel with others.

Wade tried to convince everyone that he was innocent.

If you go drinking with Pradeep, be prepared to listen to some pretty outlandish cock and bull stories.

Glasswork came from Persia by way of the Silk Road.

Chinese is not too difficult to learn.

We don't know what went wrong.

You can operate a crane, can't you?

I'm very glad I didn't have to do that.

As in Eastern Europe, pollution in China is getting worse and worse.

It wasn't much of a yard.

yeaa I know it's random, but my douchebag ex cheated on ME so i'm on a manhunt hehe... I found your username on a hotmail directory, I'm Gabby, you are?

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Choose the color you like the best.

"Has anybody called the police?" "I have."

Don't you recognize Vivek?


DDT is a famous carcinogen.

You must not go out after dinner.

We think that the narrow road was responsible for the accident.

The doctor told me to give up smoking.

He is living in Tokyo.

"Do you know what floppy disks are?" "Of course I do!" "Have you ever used one?" "Nah, I haven't."

Benson and Sharada sat across from each other.

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Tell us what you heard.

I'm investigating a murder.

We believed that Jim had made a mistake.

I just eat bananas now.

Guess what Vance will do.


Toft and Uri had a Celtic wedding.

I think that's an amazing story.

This plant looks sick.


Honzo said he'd never see me again.

I can give you a lift into town.

Let's take them with us.

I hope we can start this task next month.

That's the last thing that I expected you to do.


Has Juergen been invited?


He worked very hard so he could buy a foreign car.

You do have choices.

How do you want me to do that?


Why do we care about what Malus is going to do?

How is my doctor called?

You said we'd never catch him.

Alison lost the watch that Sonja gave him.

They found the track of a bear in the snow.

They will not pass!

Please turn off the television.

Who said anything about having children?

Marilyn slept through the entire movie.

I may do; it would depend on circumstances at the time.

Do you go shopping every day?

Did you speak with him?

I've taught Elliott everything I know.

The ladder was covered with dust and rust.

I'm happy for all of you.


I know you like him.

I've got reservations for us.

Honey, are you hurt?